Thursday, December 30, 2004

Hiroshima & The A-Bomb

Recently, while at the National Air & Space Museum, I heard these two liberals talk about how wrong it was to have the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb (the Enola Gay) in the museum (it was in the museum from 1995-98), and what a terrible thing it was to drop the atomic bomb. But here are some facts to consider…

First, we were at war and the Japanese would certainly bomb us with the atomic bomb if they could. In fact, the Japanese did mange to inflict some damage on civilians in Lakeview, Oregon. The Japanese released numerous balloons with explosive inside. These balloons were supposed to drift across the Pacific Ocean and once over the continental U.S. they were to release their explosive cargo. On May 5th 1945 one such “balloon bomb” killed a woman and five children. Fortunately, this was the only success the Japanese achieved.

Second, the first atomic bomb was not the most devastating bombing attack of the war in the pacific. On March 9-10, 1945, (five months before we dropped the atomic bomb) 270 Superfortress bombers hit Tokyo. These bombers dropped over 1650 tons of incendiary bombs. (These incendiary bombs were specifically designed so as to take advantage of the wood and paper construction of most Japanese homes.) The massive bombings created such a firestorm that the fire feed off itself and cause that much more devastation.

So the only thing America is guilty of when they dropped the atomic bomb was having a much higher degree of efficiency in their bombing campaign. Thus, if liberals say it was so bad to drop the atomic bomb, they must believe that the whole bombing campaign was bad, so perhaps the liberals believe we should not of bombed them at all, and if we did that maybe we should not even fight them in the first place, maybe we should just surrendered and not defended ourselves! This is an example of why liberals are dangerous! David Koziatek Chairman Republican Research Council


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