Tuesday, January 11, 2005

CBS: Do I Have It Right?

Democrats needed to counter the swift boats ads. So they called their buddies at CBS (which is an extension of the Democrat Party and not a news organization) and told them to find some dirt. They forged a document, ran it in coordination with the Kerry campaign, and once it was clear the documents were false, CBS vigorously defended the story for a couple of weeks as well as and the authenticity of the documents, suppressed any investigation of the veracity of the story, and then once overwhelming pressure came to bear, CBS had an “independent” outside panel conclude that while there was “considerable and fundamental deficiencies” there was no political bias to hurt Bush and help Kerry. Moreover, the outside panel further concluded that it was essentially poor news gathering techniques that caused the “misreporting.” And to cut their losses CBS was forced to fired some of the folks involved in this scam. I might also add that a telling testament to what kind of individual Rather is, Rather chose he would rather not be around when the report came out. So I guess Rather can dish it out but can't take it.

Of course let’s not forget that very late in the campaign when CBS made one last ditch effort to defeat Bush they led us to believe that what was it “millions and millions” of tons of explosives missing in Iraq and that the complete failure by Bush to secure these will result in untold destruction to our troops and Iraq civilians, and of course our own security at home. I wonder if the “outside panel” had any remarks on this further attempt to defeat Bush and put their pompous, arrogant, French looking condescending, elitist, and Kennedy wantabee in the White House?

Last fall I was quite busy with campaigns so I wasn't able to follow this story as closely as I wanted to. So is that how it all went down?


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