Thursday, January 13, 2005

Competition: A Great Idea

A bill that South Carolina legislators are considering ("Put Parents In Charge") would provide tax credits to parents who children are in independent or non-public schools.

Cathy Harrelson who home schools her four children believes it is a sensible idea. Mrs. Harrelson states she could use the money for school supplies, field trips, etc.

Naturally school leaders think giving money to anyone other than public schools is a bad idea. Dr. Joe Nelson, Superintendent of Florence School District One believes that "You're reducing the pie," when you give money to anyone else.

Of course these liberals don't want competition. They actually may have to work for a change! Competition is the best thing for free enterprise and everything else. It makes you produce a better product which in this case means children learn more and have the opportunity to make more money and have a rewarding career.

It's real simple: if an organization such as a school district knows it will receive money every year and probably an increase each year, no matter how they perform, what incentive is there to perform well?

(Moreover, since so much money goes into education today and there is no other option for most parents, public schools have the luxury to waste a lot of money. And they do! The best job in the world is to be one of many assistant principals at any given public school. Good pay and not much work.)

But if the same school district has other schools that children could go to, or be home schooled, and if parents decide to send their child to a private school or home school them, that school district could lose a lot money and possibly even go out of business I think they would cut out waste, teacher a lot better, and our children would learn a lot more at a lower cost.

Lets make public schools fight for their survival just like the rest of us!


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