Saturday, January 08, 2005

George’s Classy Move

Channel surfing on election night is always an entertaining activity. My favorite is that pompous jerk Dan Rather. Kerry is up 2,000 votes in Wisconsin and Rather automatically gives the state to Kerry. However, Bush is up 135,000 in Ohio for some time and we have to wait on the “provisional ballots.” Of course the chance of all the provisional ballots being counted and going to Kerry is probably 1 in 500 billion, and that still wouldn’t be enough! It was clear by midnight Bush won. Yet, Bush decided not to get on stage and claim victory. Bush believed it wasn’t right. The class Bush showed to wait until Kerry called and conceded was very admirable. Bush, despite enduring daily blow the belt hits and utter disrespect for him and the presidency certainly earned the right to claim victory once it was clear he won. For all of Bush’s class, Kerry showed a complete lack of class and fair play by not conceding on election night. If the results were switched Kerry would have been on stage with his liberal buddies talking about his historic win--guaranteed.

Unhappy with the results and showing no respect for the will of the people, Democrats called for a recount in Ohio. And low and behold after the votes were counted again, Kerry cut Bush’s margin by 135 votes, and for a of cost of $1.5 million to taxpayers.

Of course with these characters, it never ends. Jesse Jackson found another political ambulance to chase along with Senator Barbara Boxer and a host of Democrat lawmakers as they fought the certification of the Ohio vote, thereby working to disenfranchise millions of voters.

Democrats have no ideas, no vision, and no direction. So they just kick and scream like a baby who didn't get their way--this is all they have.

And where was Bush’s opponent when Boxer and her crew were fighting to disenfranchise Ohio voters? He was in Baghdad disrespecting Bush and lowering troop morale. Lack of ideas and vision, sore losers, wasting taxpayer’s money for no reason, undermining troop morale, looks like the Democrats are acting just like Democrats.


At January 9, 2005 at 9:18 AM, Blogger Whiskey Father said...

This is not only true, but it gives you a look at the extensive disreguard politicians normally give to the American public. Kerry might have been a uniformed officer of the armed forces of the United States of America, but in serving his country he is by far hiding behind the guise of a suit. A politician has a duty to his country, even the president has more than two hundred-fifty million people who he should be answering and serving; these are the hands that guide us, but if they are not connected to the body of the people they can serve no purpose but benefiting themselves. Bush had a role model to guide him, his father, this country has a role model, it's president. To me, Bush is leading the way in a manner that is very acceptable.



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