Sunday, January 02, 2005

Guns, Criminals, & Liberals

There were no surprises in a report issued by the National Academy of Sciences. In this exhaustive report these folks found that gun control doesn’t reduce crime. Any common sense conservative could have told them that! It’s real simple: if a criminal wants a gun he will get one, legally or illegally. He can get a gun from an associate, steal one, buy a stolen gun, or get one from his own family, and he won’t care about what gun law he broke, he’s a criminal after all. The study also found that a very small percentage of criminals got their guns by legal means. Most of these criminals got their gun(s) from one or more of the methods I listed above.

When I worked at the Maryland Republican Party I came face-to-face with criminals all the time. There was a parole office a floor below. When I saw these individuals in the elevator or around the building they often had a statement to make to those in the elevator, hallways, or to those going in and out the building. (And this should come as no surprise, I often went into the parole office because that’s where the vending machines were and the individual who acted so uncivil outside the office would sit there nice and quiet and in a remorseful mood. No doubt these individuals played nice for the parole board and I’m sure the parole board had a bunch of bleeding heart liberals who bought these criminal's repent and reform line of crap hook, line, and sinker!) And seeing firsthand how these individuals act, you could see that these individuals should be in general population, and not in general society. (Sadly, there was this nice older lady who delivered papers in the building but had to quit after the numerous comments directed her way took a toll on her.)

So liberals are either are so stupid to believe that if we pass gun control laws criminals will obey them, or they want to do whatever they can to see that law-abiding citizens are refused their 2nd Amendment rights, or perhaps both.

David Koziatek Chairman Republican Research Council


At January 13, 2005 at 7:55 PM, Blogger Raives said...

I have been of the opinion for some time that Liberals want an unarmed citizenry. It is easier to control an unarmed man than it is to try to control one who can fight back. I truely do not think that their true intent is for public safety, it is for control purposes. For those who have studied history the socialists and communists did away with private arms ownership for just that reason. After their arms were taken away other rights followed. Religion and free speach soon followed suite.

I'm amazed that the press is not up in arms over the trend of bastardizing the constitution where the 1st amendment is concerned. They are so intent on limiting the freedom of religion, making up restrictions on how and where we can express our religious ideals(One nation under God, the cross in the califonia state seal, school prayer etc. )Making up laws were none were intended. Yet they do not realize that if part of the amendment is violate it all is. If they can control religious freedom can free speach be far behind?


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