Tuesday, January 18, 2005

High School Graduation Requirement: Just Being Able to Read

What do you get when you have government run public education? Teachers that cant teach, a lot of money that's wasted, and students that don't learn. To illustrate my point, Milford Public Schools in Connecticut are now requiring students that in order to graduate from high school they must be able to read. Not elementary school, not middle school, but high school.

David Larson, executive director of the Connecticut Association of Public Schools Superintendents stated, "There is more and more interest in reading, writing and arithmetic in the high school level than there has been in the past." Larson went on to say that mastering these skills can only help students in the real world. Thank you Mr. Larson for that bit of information. Maybe, we should start teaching our children the three R's in elementary school, and not how to use a condom, or courses in alternative families. Is this how pathetic public school have become, teaching See Spot Run in the twelfth grade instead of the first?



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