Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Irony of Iraq

Ultra-liberal Howard Dean gained momentum early in the Democrat primary because of his strong anti-war stance. Dean’s actions forced other candidates, such as Kerry, to move even further to the left. Most memorable of Kerry’s move was his vote against the 87 billion earmarked for the troops. Of course we all know that Kerry subsequently voted for it after he voted against it—as the Bush campaign so artfully told us so many times.

The irony of Iraq is that the ultra-liberal Democrats coalesced against the war in Iraq, but in doing so have hurt their party by moving it to the far left and thus contributed to Kerry’s defeat by forcing Kerry to move to the far left at a time when being a more centrist candidate in the primary would have better aided Kerry in the general election—thus Kerry’s forced leftward lurch in effect helped to re-elect Bush (thanks ultra-liberals).

Additionally, the repercussions from the ultra-liberals in moving the Democrat party to the far left is evident today as Howard Dean appears to be the clear front runner for the Democrat National Committee’s top post. I, and fellow Republicans can only hope that Dean gets the job.

A truism of campaigns and elections is the lower and middle, middle class rural, and suburban voter usually decides whom to vote for based on where each candidate stands on social issues rather than economic issues. Social issues simply evoke more of an emotion response in these voters. Social conservatism will beat economic liberalism virtually every time. Naturally, the only time economic issues become more important than social issues is when the economy is doing poorly.

Moreover, these voters also want a strong commander in chief, someone who will stand up to the terrorists (Bush) and not someone who wants to fight a more “sensitive war” on terrorism (Kerry). And when the far left folks, as well as the other elements of the Democrat party realizes this political reality, and runs a pro-defense, moderate on social issues, economic populist, Republicans will have a good fight on their hands.


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