Monday, January 10, 2005

Liberals, Terrorists, and Torture

In WWII if we tortured a Japanese or German so we could find the location of a supply depot, it would have been wrong. Torturing a terrorist to find the location of a bomb planted in the U.S. is not only our right to do to protect national security, but something we must do. Our enemy has the three things that could put our country at potentially great risk: 1. Money, 2. Motivation, and 3. A desire to kill every American. A different enemy requires different tactics. And this is definitely a different enemy. A terrorist would view giving him rights such as POW status as an example of our weakness. And weakness is not something a terrorist respects in any form.

If a terrorist was face-to-face with a liberal they certainly wouldn’t thank them for fighting to give them POW rights or that one extra twinkie, they would kill (via beheading most likely) the liberal. (Of course if that happened I might have mixed feeling about it.) Fortunately, we have the leaders who understand what we face. And as this article states, we are lucky the left is not in charge.


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