Wednesday, January 12, 2005

This Just In: Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist

The foolishness of the left was evident once again in an op-ed piece in The Los Angeles Times by Robert Scheer. In this article entitled: Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogyman? Scheer gives us the good news: international terrorism does not exist.

It is beyond words that a large even somewhat respectable liberal paper like The Los Angeles Times would dare to suggest that the threat from terrorists is more hype than reality. 9/11, USS Cole, the embassies, Spain, Indonesia, and Iraq? What more proof does this liberal need?

Scheer bases his conclusions on a “documentary” that makes Michael Moore’s piece of trash look like a true work of investigative journalism done in the days of old. In this “documentary” produced by an Englishman named Adam Curtis, Curtis claims that what we have been told about international terrorism: “is a fantasy that has been exaggerated and distorted by politicians. It is a dark illusion that has spread unquestioned through governments around the world, the security services and the international media.” Although I wish I were, I’m not making this up! This clown actually said these things. 9/11, USS Cole, African embassies, Spain, Indonesia, and Iraq? Were those fantasies?

This kind of thinking that the left buys into is why the left should have no place in government.

Scheer’s belief that Al Qaeda is no big deal stems from some questions Curtis's film poses. Some of these are:

1. Why hasn’t Bush produced evidence despite torturing prisoners that Al Qaeda is actively operating in 40 countries? Answer: The terrorists held in Cuba laugh at our weak “torture” methods (which are not really torture methods) and in fact they were well conditioned to know what to expect. Moreover, these individuals are not like any other enemy we ever faced. In short, the usual methods of interrogation do not work; few, if any give us useful information. These boys are pretty tough.

2. Why hasn’t Britain found and convicted any proven members of Al Qaeda since the 9/11 attacks? Answer: The enemy is elusive and even if you have one in custody, it could be very difficult to discern and prove if they are members of Al Qaeda.

3. With all the frightening talk about dirty bombs, Curtis claims that “experts” believe that panicking rather than radioactivity would kill more people. Answer: This is probably the most outrageous of all the arguments. In a concentrated city, a dirty bomb I strongly believe, would kill many more people than any panicking caused by people who learn that a bomb is in their city. But you know what, to the terrorists it doesn’t matter. They want every American dead. They may prefer we suffer first, but their ultimate objective is to kill, kill, and kill Americans. Terrorists do not care if Americans are killed because of radioactivity or from panicking. And furthermore, Americans are tough and smart too. If told of a bomb they would understand that panicking would only make a bad situation worse. They would do what is best for their survival, which is not to panic. Hey, English guy and your "expert" friends, how about giving us a little more credit. It was our ingenuity and tenacity that helped give us the W in our first war against you.

4. Back in 2001 Donald Rumsfeld claimed that Al Qaeda controlled massive high-tech cave complexes in Afghanistan, yet American and British forces found no such thing? Answer: Osama Bin Laden knew that America would retaliate for what he told others to do to America on 9/11. Osama had an escape plan ready, and after 9/11 he, and his cronies, and their gear were long gone. Osama’s ability to communicate today with the world clearly shows he retained and augmented his high-tech communications and undoubtedly his warfare equipment.

Scheer further tells us that Curtis claims both sides, terrorists and those fighting terrorism have a vested interest in maintaining the façade of an overwhelmingly dangerous world, and thus both sides have exaggerated the threat posed by Al Qaeda. So it’s all a scam, the military and intelligence agencies just want to keep this façade going to continue to get massive funding is that it? 9/11, USS Cole, African embassies, Spain, Indonesia, and Iraq? Where they a part of this façade to give some reality to this notion?

The scariest thing is some folks may actually believe this line of crap and want our lower our guard. I say again, this is just another reason why the left should have no place in government—with them in charge we would have no national security, terrorists could do as they please whenever they please.

Frankly, even as optimistic as I am, I would never think the left would get this far from reality, and suggest that Bush and other world leaders are fabricating the whole terrorism threat.

Probably the most outrageous claim Curtis makes is this: “The nightmare vision of a uniquely powerful hidden organization waiting to strike our societies is an illusion. Wherever one looks for this Al Qaeda organization, from the mountains of Afghanistan to the ‘sleeper cells’ in America, the British and Americans are chasing a phantom enemy.”

A phantom enemy? Tell that to the families who lost loved ones on 9/11.


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