Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Why Democrats are the Minority Party

Democrats should stop: attacking George Bush on petty issues, being too liberal, and being too childish. And when they fix these problems they will be much more competitive in elections. If they continue their ways, they will be the minority party for some time.

1. Attacking George Bush: A liberal's favorite pastime. Unhappy with losing, liberals try to take it out on Bush. Attacking Bush for petty things like Bush should not hold an inauguration in a time of war and in the aftermath of the tsunami. Even if Bush cancelled the inauguration, the fact remains: Bush will be sworn in as president. Clinton, in 1997 despite a war raging in the Balkans and massive genocide in Rwanda went ahead with his inauguration and held many celebrations. Nobody said a thing about canceling anything. Liberals further believe that Bush should give the 40 million in private contributions earmarked for the inauguration to further equip our troops (I guess this is the one time liberals actually want to help the military), or spending the money on tsunami relief. Any pointless thing liberals can say to attack Bush they will. Hey liberals: ok, you personally hate Bush very very much as well as what he stands for, but personally trashing Bush will not result in you being the majority party or getting rid of Bush. (We Republicans attack Clinton in 1998 because of his affair and we lost seats in the U.S. house.)

The only way to win the presidency is by running a sensible moderate with sensible policies. Bush won, he is the president, and you should respect the fact that Americans preferred Bush to Kerry. Bush earned the right to have an inauguration. And he should. I hated it when Clinton won, but I respected the fact that he had the right to celebrate. It is more a celebration of our freedom. We are free to choose who leads us. Bush also has the right to work to enact his policies. Offer to work with Bush on "common ground." If you want something to attack, try to find problems the middle class has.

2. Too liberal: Democrats must not allow the Moveon.org folks to dominate their party. Stop being so anti-military, anti-America, anti-family, anti-gun, anti-capitalism, anti-religion, and anti-limited government.

Fundamentally, the problem Democrats have is America is more a center-right than center-left country. Since 1968, the only Democrats who have won a presidential election were candidates that capitalized on a problem voters believed Republicans caused and by being "moderate:" 1976 Watergate (Carter ran as a moderate and barely won) 1992 bad economy (Clinton won with not much more than the Democrat base, Perot gobbled up the swing voters, but Clinton still had to run as a "New Democrat"). When Democrats nominate a liberal they lose even if voters believe things are not going that well and a Republican is to blame. When a Democrat or Republican for that matter is elected president he must always stay in or near the center, if he goes to far to the left (or right) he will get punished (Clinton in 1994). So use government to help the middle class, be moderate on social issues and above all get on board with the war on terrorism.

Stop worrying about a terrorist's rights and focus on protecting (what ever it takes) Americans.

And don't listen to Ted Kennedy's solution that Democrats need to be more liberal, and don't elect Howard Dean as your next chairman. You need a leader who will unite and grow your party not just be the best Bush basher.

Follow Dick Morris's advice: move to the center if you want to win.

3. Stop acting like crybabies. Democrats should not have fought the certification of the election. Instead you should promise to work with Bush and help Americans. Democrats said they fought the certification because of "problems" in Ohio, yet the Ohio recount still shows that Bush won decisively. I don't hear anything from liberals about the problems in Wisconsin, where Kerry won. The only problem Democrats had in Ohio is Kerry ran a bad race there (as well as overall).

And on the subject of John Kerry, Mr. Kerry you didn't lose because of a lack of voting machines in Democrat districts causing your supporters to wait for hours and hours while Republicans just zipped on through. You lost because you were a bad candidate who ran a bad campaign. Mr. Kerry on MLK day, I know you could have come up with something more meaningful to say than making excuses about why you lost. You had 4 years to fix problems from the Florida ballot problems. We can't make you a better candidate. Don't you blame yourself a little for losing?

Or how about the Moveon.org wannabe group Americans Coming Together stating on MLK day that to "honor Dr. King's legacy" we need electoral reform to undo the "impact of the aggressive campaign of misinformation, repression and intimidation that was unleashed by corrupt Republican officials and partisans in 2004." And stop blocking Bush's nominees this only shows how shrill you are--is this all you have? You need a vision to win big elections and be the majority party; slamming everything Bush does because he won will only move you backwards.

Groups like Moveon.org are a virus to the Democrat party. They make Democrats move to the far, far, left and do stupid things--like exclusively cater to the far left. You'll never get elected in that part of the political spectrum. Let the radicals in your party conduct inauguration demonstrations; don't make these people the norm. It's the folks in the center that will ultimately give you your big win. Take the blame for losing, don't cry over it, learn from it, and work to improve the lives of working families by offer sound policies for the middle class.

Finally, here's a good piece of advice for Democrats given over 100 years ago from Democrat George Washington Plunkitt leader of Tammany Hall: "Me and the Republicans are enemies just one day in the year--election day. Then we fight tooth and nail. The rest of the time it's live and let live with us."


At January 19, 2005 at 4:44 PM, Blogger The Principled Objector said...

Unfortunately, most Democrats seem to be gearing up for more of the same during Term 2. They're in trouble, however, because President Bush is going to fundamentally transform government in such a way that will greatly reduce the constituency to which many Democrats' self-pity and sense of dependency on government appeal.


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