Thursday, February 17, 2005

Abortion Comment

(This is the response I gave to an individual who objected to the fact that I referred to Pro-Abortion Web sites as: Pro-baby Killing Sites

Sir: If abortion is not killing an innocent baby, which is being denied due process rights, what exactly is it?

You see my grandfather came from Poland, and he would tell of what the Russians used to do to folks in his village.

The Russians had no respect for the Polish, so they treated them as very sub-human and did very bad things to them.

When life is cheapened immoral things happen to people. Blacks were property because some thought they were not human. Jews in Germany in WWII, etc...

I believe if a woman wants be a prostitute one certainly could make a compelling case that it is her body and she can choose to do what she wants with it.

However, when another life is in her body that life should have the same rights of protection under the law as the mother enjoys. And the mother must take care of the child inside her as she would if the child was five years old.

When the pro-baby killers say that the baby is a non-viable mass or some such they cheapen life, and try to bring down to a non-human level, thus giving them a rationale for wanting to have the right to kill it. Life must be respected; when life is not respected whether it be because of race, religion, or because it is in the mother's womb, lives have and will continue to be taken.

Also, I don't candy-coat anything there is no pro-life pro-choice to me it's either pro-baby killing or pro-baby saving.

David Koziatek

P.S. You know if you support the pro-baby killing side, and your mother decided to kill you via abortion (legal or not) you would not be around to fight for the pro-baby killing side. Ronald Reagan said that: "I notice that everyone who is for abortion is somebody who has already been born."


At February 26, 2005 at 7:36 AM, Blogger big yawn said...

sorry david. if you don't have a uterus, you don't have ANY legitimacy in talking about what women should be able to do or not do with their bodies.

this is about reproductive rights. you certainly wouldn't acknowledge anything that i, a lesbian, would recommend about how to deal with birth control as it applied to the male reproductive organs, now would you? shall we talk about how few abortions women would consider if men were responsible for their damn sperm. more vasectomies equals fewer unwanted pregnancies! i'd like to see vasectomy clinics right next door to doctors who perfomr abortions!! here's a novel idea, if a woman has an unwanted pregnancy, the male party to that fetus should give up his rights to reproduce for life for his involvement. hey, i like that alot!!

At February 28, 2005 at 5:56 PM, Blogger DC Lady said...

I disagree with you, yawn and your one-sided close minded extremely bitter opinion. I, as a female (straight, not that it makes a damn bit of difference - so not sure what your lesbian comment was meant to prove) would gladly put plenty of stock in the "legitimacy" of David's words regardless of his lack of uterus. Quite frankly, he seems to care much more about life in general than you do.


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