Friday, October 07, 2005

Ann Get With The Program

Ann: Your missing the point. Who cares what school Miers went to. Who cares about her work experience. I don't care if Miers couldn't write a legal brief to save her life! All we need from Ms. Miers is a conservative vote, and she will be one. It is all about one thing: the number 5! And Ms. Miers will be number 5 consistently. Ann get a clue: We already put a highly educated (Harvard Rhodes Scholar) individual with a strong legal background on the court named David Souter and he hasn't been what conservatives expected or deserved! Is that who you are looking for Ann? Believe me Scalia and now Roberts will provide all the conservative-deep-thinking-intellectual-firepower for the whole court. But no matter how smart these justices are, they each only have one vote. And that is all that matters. (Incidentally, Ms. Miers is very intelligent and will be a great justice.) Ann: FYI... W knows what he is doing on this one!

David Koziatek


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